Angry Birds Evolution – Now Available Worldwide!

Angry Birds Evolution lands in app stores worldwide today bringing with it over 100 never-before-seen characters to discover, evolve, and take into battle against the ever-evil pigs.

In the game of Evolution, only the strong survive. That means discovering and evolving the strongest birds, and assembling the most powerful team to overcome the piggy hoards. Combining birds will level them up and make them stronger, but hit the max level and it’s evolution time. Not only does evolution allow your bird to become even stronger, but it can drastically change their appearance. I mean, you want to look cool while you’re knocking those pigs around, right? Right.

Not only are there tons of cool looking new characters to hatch and evolve with unique stories, attitudes, and plumage, but this time the birds are facing off against the pigs in beautiful 3D environments. It would be perfect if it wasn’t for those pigs stinking up the place.

Enough talk, it’s time to make some bacon! Download Angry Birds Evolution now from the App Store and Google Play, and treat yourself to a starter pack of goodies worth $7.99. Just download AB Evolution, pass The Pyramid at the end of the Yellow Desert, and it’s all yours. Get in there within the next 2 weeks though, the starter pack is only available until June 28.

Download Angry Birds Evolution here!