Many of you have been asking us things like “when is Epic coming out?”, “how long do we have to wait?” and “I want some epicness NOW!” Well, the wait is over. Download Angry Birds Epic now – the game is free! I wonder how many times I can say “epic” in this blog post…

So this is the scoop: the greedy King Pig, his son Prince Porky and the maniacal Wiz Pig have got their dirty trotters on the eggs, and it’s up to our feathery heroes to save the day! Sounds straight forward, right?


Get ready for epic twists and turns as the story unfolds! Your going to have to help the birds craft some pretty epic (and silly) weapons and armor if they’re going to stand a chance of victory

Check out our epic cinematic trailer that celebrates the epicness of this most epic of games.

Dum dum, da da dum dum! Epiiiic!

Did you see that twist at the end? Huh, did ya? That’s right, you can put your own face in the trailer over at! Give it a go and share it with us (or your friends). Legendary.

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Use of “epic”: 15 times (an epic new record!)