Angry Birds Dream Blast – Now Available Worldwide!

Before the pigs entered the picture, life was but a bubble popping dream for the Angry Birds. They might have heard stories of the the pigs from older birds, but for the most part, the young flock was content to snooze the day away without a care in the world. That’s a dream any of us would be happy to live. Guess what. Now with the global release of Angry Birds Dream Blast, players around the world can do exactly that!

Enter the dreamscapes of the young Angry Birds flock in a Dream Bubble popping adventure! Red, Bomb, and Chuck are on a mission to take the perfect nap, and they need your help. Blast the Dream Bubbles to complete different puzzle challenges – you don’t want these birds to wake up cranky.

Dream Blast introduces a physics-based twist to the tap-to-match puzzle gameplay you might be familiar with. Instead of being locked to a grid, Dream Bubbles in Angry Birds Dream Blast are free to flow into any open space in the level, making for some dynamic and strategic bubble-popping moments. With some physics-based randomness in the mix, every playthrough is unique and exciting.

Of course young Red, Chuck, and Bomb are right there with you – in powerful booster form! Blast 4 or more Dream Bubbles and Red will appear. You can tap Red immediately to clear a bunch of bubbles in a horizontal line, OR if you create another Red next to the first one. They’ll combine to form a Chuck! Decisions, decisions. When tapped, chuck will take out Dream Bubbles horizontally AND vertically. Boom! Speaking of boom, combine two Chucks, and Bomb comes out to play. You can probably guess what happens when this guy goes off. With some smart strategy and perfect positioning, you can pull off some crazy combos!

That’s just the beginning of what’s in store in Angry Birds Dream Blast. If you’re looking for the perfect casual puzzle game to relax with, Dream Blast is a dream come true. Only one thing left to do – curl up in a comfy spot and pop some dream bubbles!

Download Angry Birds Dream Blast for free here!