Angry Birds Action! Now available!

After a little semi-secret launch in select areas, the pinball-style destruction fest that is Angry Birds Action! has been let out of the cage and released onto the whole world. Get a change of pants ready, and see the trailer below!

In addition to all of the bird-flinging, egg-saving, star-earning fun to be had in Angry Birds Action!, this is the first time we get to play as the heroes from the upcoming Angry Birds Movie US premiere on May 20th! Get hype! Choo choo!, which is a pretty big deal!

If you’ve seen enough, get Angry Birds Action here! However, there is some even more exciting stuff happening in Angry Birds Action! that you’ll probably want to know about. More below.


First, BirdCodes. We’re tucking these black and white badges in a bunch of different places around the world – the real world, that is. Find them and scan them in Angry Birds Action! to discover multiple hidden mini games, earn power-ups and more! Read more here about what they do and where you can find them.


Next, Movie Magic. Take Angry Birds Action! to the Angry Birds Movie to unlock exclusive movie content and a new playable area in the game – magically! More info on the magic here. Read up before you go to the movie!

Grab Angry Birds Action! here, and be on the lookout for BirdCodes everywhere!