Angry Birds 2 – Step into the Arena!

Happy Tuesday y’all! Have you gotten familiar with all of the awesome new stuff in Angry Birds 2 yet? Are you coming to grips with the randomness of it all? Have you wrapped your head around the card system? Great! So we can skip those. Today, I want to talk about the Arena.

First thing’s first. You’re going to need to download the game. Get it here! Alright, now we’re ready.

Step 1 – Enter the Arena!

First, just tap on the Arena button to get started! You don’t see any arena button? Oh. Sorry about that!

Step 0.5 – Unlock the Arena!

Crucial step: to unlock the Arena you have to complete level 25. Go out there and show those pigs who’s boss!

Step 1 – Enter the Arena! (for real this time)

So you’ve passed level 25. Congratulations! You’re one step closer to becoming the world’s next top Bird flinger. Now, you can tap on the Arena button in the top right of the map screen. You’ll see some pop-ups containing some important info. Just close those immediately without reading, and boom – you’re in.

Step 2 – Play!

The Arena challenge comes in the form of one giant endless level. After clearing one wave of pigs, you will move on to the next, and then the next, and the next, ad infinitum. That’s Latin for “until you run out of cards”.

The basic idea is to destroy as much stuff as you possibly can. This will fill the destruct-o-meter and grant you extra cards, allowing you to do even more destruction and keep your arena run going! More destruction = extra cards = more destruction = higher score = higher arena rank = more win.

Step 3 – Movin’ On Up

So what do you get for all of your hard work? Feathers. Every day, you have a chance to earn feathers for a particular bird. You can see which bird you’re earning feathers for on the main arena stage (see the image below). You will receive more feathers the higher you are in the rank at the end of the day.

Think of feathers as experience points. Get enough feathers and your bird will level up. Level up all of your birds, and you’re moving up to the next league, playa’.

Everyone starts in the Vanilla league, but if you’re a hard-core bird flinger, maybe you can make it all the way to Diamond – or if you’re super hard-core, maybe you can reach the extra top-secret Mega-Diamond league above Diamond. So far I’m the only one who has made it that far. No big deal. Here’s some photo proof:

I hope that this helped. I think I’ve said Arena enough times for the word to lose all meaning. Arena, arena, arena, arena. Have fun bird-flingers, and I’m waiting for some competition here in the Mega-Diamond league so get to popping those pigs!


  • Sierra Richards

    What does it take to make it to the mega diamond league? I am already in the diamond league.

    • Mike514

      It’s a joke. There’s no mega diamond league.

      • Sierra Richards

        I figured as much , it didnt hurt to ask though. Lol

    • Mark Baland

      I just mad every it inform the Mega Diamond League.
      All 7 of your birds have to be at level 420… 🦅

  • DonnyM

    How are the star scores determined in the arena? It seems like 1 can get more than 10 stars based on the ui, but no matter how much higher my score is it never send to go past 10. Also it doesn’t seem very consistent.

  • Mark Baland

    Is there a list or chart or graphic somewhere detailing the amount of feather stuff required for each level up for the birds?

  • Daniel Kimani

    Does anyone else have this issue? Whenever i play the daily quest & particularly playing the Arena quest, if i win over 9,000,000 or get an overall win, i have to abort coz of a message stating “please check your Internet connection and try again”
    When i try using mobile data, still nothing happens & my WIFI connection is super fast.

  • Inani Schroedinger

    Have you guys considered doing a real PVP? I just figured out that the “players” I am competing against are all AI… lol and I’ve been playing for months. Good job on your turing test! I din’t think to question. That being said, the revelation is disappointing and I was wondering if you would consider a PvP format similar to “worms” … I think that would be a lot funner for everyone involved.