Angry Birds 2 gets a ginormous Fall update!

A big new update is available for Angry Birds 2 today. Eyes below for details on all the new things.

2 New Chapters

You know where you are?

In the jungle, baby!

The first thing is actually 2 things. Bonus! There are 2 new chapters in this update, each with 20 new levels and 6 Boss Pigs to defeat. Fall might be here, but for right now, let’s squeeze every last drop of sunshine out of the summer. First up is the Hamazonas, a hot and humid area deep in the jungle. Then we’re off to Copacabacon for more fun in the sun.

2 New Pigs

Beam me up.

Watch where you point that thing!

You might not consider this a good thing, but there are 2 brand new piggy enemies to face. Pig 1: Beamer Pig. Equipped with some sort of crazy gravity beam, this porker will train the beam on your flying birds to try and throw them off of their course. Pig 2 is actually 3 pigs. Bonus? Meet the Pig Tower – teetering trio of balancing pigs.

More Challenging Daily Challenges – King Pig Panic

Bored with the daily challenges? Try this on for size. A new challenge mode will open after you complete the normal daily challenges. In this new challenge for pros only, there are 5 stages, and you get 30 minutes to complete them all. Do so, and you will claim some feathers and pearls, but beware – there are no do-overs here. Get it in one try or it’s better luck tomorrow!

New Hats

New hats!

New hats!

The fall fashion season is ramping up. Accessorize your birds with three new sets of hats and get some nice damage bonuses to boot. The new hat collections include back-to-school, beach, and pirate themes!

New Master Tier

If you’ve leveled up all of your birds, you will be playing at Elder Tier. Matilda’s on Elder Diamond, The Blues are on Elder Diamond, Red, Chuck, Bomb, Silver. Where can you go from there? Where? Master Tier is where. Collect feathers to bump your birds up to Master tier for an extra score multiplier.

That’s all for now. Grab the update right here and get to popping them pigs!