Angry Birds 2 Clans: take on epic challenges together!

Angry Birds 2 turned 2 last weekend, and it just wouldn’t be right to let that sort of thing go uncelebrated. No, there are plenty celebratory things planned, chief among them, an exciting new update that’s all about partying with your friends. I’m talking about CLANS.

With the Clans update, you can now team up with your friends and/or other bird flinging people around the world to take on new clan challenges for some excellent rewards. Before we get to those rewards though, we have to join a clan. Take a look below for the details on how to do just that.

First things first, download Angry Birds 2 here!

How do I join a clan?

First, to join a clan you have to be at least Star Level 7. If you’re not there yet, go knock out some levels and earn some XP. Not only will you unlock Clans at level 7, but you’ll get access to the PvP arena, and Daily Challenges along the way – even more ways to earn rewards.


Once you get to Star Level 7, the Clans icon will be set free from its chains and ready for use. Check it out in the bottom right of the main menu screen. Go ahead and tap that thing.

Join or create a clan.

You will be given the choice of joining an existing clan, or creating your own clan. Tap Join a Clan, and you can browse through some clans that are looking for more members. If you’re looking for one clan in particular (if your friends have already started a clan for example), tap Search Clans and you can search by Clan name/ID, location, type, and number of members.

Choose a clan.

Create a clan by choosing the Create a Clan option (duh). Note: it will cost 350 Gems to get a clan going so keep that in mind. Create a fearsome name, add a description, and you’re almost there. Just choose whether the clan is open (anyone can join), or closed (invitation only), and you’re good to go. Congratulations! You’re now a clan leader!

Create a clan.

I’m in a clan. What now?

Now that we’re all clanned up, we just sit back and let our clanmates do the heavy lifting while we reap all of those rewards. Hehehe–NO! Clans are all about teamwork! To succeed in clan challenges, every teammate has to pull their own weight. Speaking of challenges, to see the active clan challenges, open the clan menu (after joining or creating a clan ofc).

A completely real clan.

Take a look to the right side of the above image, and you’ll see two badges. These show that there is 1 active challenge available, and one that is completed. Tap a badge to see how your clan is progressing, or to claim those sweet rewards from completed challenges.

Clan Challenge time!

This challenge is all about earning points for the team and completing win streaks. Finishing a level awards you with one point. Each consecutive win will add points to your total, but lose and its minus points for you. The meter on the right (see above) shows the clan’s total points, and the rewards that will be earned at the end of the challenge. As to be expected, rewards get better the more points the clan earns. From here, all that’s left to do is tap the play button, and beat some levels!

That should get you started for now. Be on the lookout for new Clan Challenges coming in the near future. Stay tuned to Angry Birds 2 on Facebook, and check back in the game itself so you don’t miss a single challenge – your clan depends on it!

  • Michelle Miller

    Level 36 and feature locked

  • NavyGunner

    So I got the announcement of an update, did it, and it erased everything I had accomplished to date. Is there any way for me to get back to where I was? The Game has me starting all over again at level 1.

    • FFClementi

      Just reconnect to Facebook.

      Clan CoFounder – ‘Flickin It Guud’

  • Tom Odin Magee

    I’ve tried to enter the new clans feature but it keeps saying that I do not meet the requirements for the feature. I’m on star level 76

    • $.Ushananth 🌐

      That’s matter join my clan #88884 clan id

  • Igor Novikov

    Hello! Tell me please! The clan leader may leave the clan, but can he manage it after that? And can he come back? For example, if the clan is “closed”

    • FFClementi

      One sure shot way you can leave and return back as clan manager, is to hand over leadership to a trusted clan member who will not leave and give it back when you return. Come over and join our small dedicated little clan called ‘Flickin It Guud’, as we are active daily and focused on obtaining powerups!!!

    • $.Ushananth 🌐

      No it’s hell no but Clan leader Advantage to promote the Clan Best Member keep to put Clan Leader

  • Andy Butterworth

    How do I get people to join my clan?
    I made a clan 24 hrs ago and still have no members!!

    • $.Ushananth 🌐

      Tell your Friends after it after
      You have no member’s Join My Clan I’m promoting to my clan co-leader #88884 my clan id

  • Andy Butterworth

    My clan is “best of best” if anyone would like to join 😊

    • Kelly

      Mine is Wildcats!😸

    • $.Ushananth 🌐

      And Me too (Pretty in Pink)

  • John Gus

    I tried the new feature but it says I don’t meet the requirements

  • Kelly

    I’m a leader of a clan. Can’t I also join clans??

  • John Gus

    Please answer on the discussion

  • Mirca Yang

    Hallo, i am in star level 70 but i do not meet the requirements tot the clan feature. Why???

    • $.Ushananth 🌐

      just re install the Game

  • Виталий Луговых

    Разработчики вы там чем занимаетесь?сколько уже можно исправлять и нихрена не исправить?!!! Игра попрежниму вылетает с видео.вы читаете хоть что вам пишут?Когда исправите ошибку так и выкидывает из игры при просмотре видео!!!!!!у большое желание удалить игрушку.жалко то что столько времени потрачено.После последнего обновления игра вылетает при начале просмотра видео и на арене и в клане.исправте пожалуйста ошибку!!!!!!

  • William James Monroe IV

    Looking for 49 more daily players that are committed to getting 6 points per challenge. This will get us a legendary chest reward for every challenge. Look up : USA WAR PIGS and request to join

  • Enrique D’mello

    hey I’ve unlocked clans but it says I dont meet the requirements although im now a level 12

    • $.Ushananth 🌐

      Join the clan #88884

  • Gcocato Entrevistas

    Foi uma ótima atualização

  • JLValenciaga

    Yesterday I spend 120 gems in mine clan, I finish in the first place (100 Pearls), but I cannot collect it and don’t was ad to mine pearls stock to. This Angry Birds 2 has so much errors.

  • Katie B

    Join clan TOADNEST
    We all left a clan where the leader wasn’t playing so we could play clan battles

  • $.Ushananth 🌐

    #88884 My Clan id

  • No1.

    Join clan “No 1” #7441
    We are looking for members who wants some fun 🙂

  • Rocco Grislun

    Looking for 10 more daily players that are committed to getting 1-3 points per challenge. Join ==> CumbiaCafe #20862

  • Euclides Mfumu

    Hello, what do ranking of each clan members mean? I mean my birds are the most powerful in my clan but I still dont have the best ranking.