Angry Birds 2 – Out Now!

IT’S HAPPENING!!!! The wait is over, flockers. Angry Birds 2 is NOW AVAILABLE! Let’s tune in live, as the birds storm the beach of Piggy Island:

Get Angry Birds 2 now from the Apple App Store and Google Play and join the battle to get back those eggs!

Along the way, say hello to a new member of the flock, Silver. Silver is an ace in the skies, but she’ just a little bit… loopy. Get it? Ah, you’ll get it later. Did you know she was raised by pigs? Well, that’s just what I heard. More on that later so stay tuned to this blog, and Angry Birds Facebook and Twitter for more info about this mysterious new bird, and check out the official Angry Birds 2 website for more AB2 related goodies!

Most importantly, download the game here and get to popping those pigs!