Angrify yourself – It’s all in the eyebrows.

Now that the final trailer for the Angry Birds Movie has been released, we’re in the final stretch until the movie is in theaters everywhere! But are you ready? Because from here, it doesn’t look like you’re angry enough.*

If you know anything about anger (and around here we like to think we do), you know it’s all in the eyebrows. If you need some help getting in the anger zone, we have just the thing. Head over to to magically transform your face into the angriest mug this side of Bird Island, and be sure to share your beautiful angry faces with us!

But why stop there? You can upload any picture to – anything from kittens, pizza, clouds, clowns, babies, uh… rocks – anything!

However, I might have to contact support because it’s not working for my image…


Where are the eyebrows I ordered?


*The author of this blog cannot actually see you.