Happy Holidays from Angry Birds Blast – out now worldwide!

Angry Birds Blast has blasted into the Apple App Store and Google Play worldwide! Check out the trailer below – or just cut to the chase and get the game now.

Last week, pre-registration opened for a brand new Angry Birds tap-to-match puzzler wherein our birds have been trapped in balloons by those ever pesky piggies. Today, Angry Birds Blast slams into the App Store and Google Play worldwide. If you pre-registered, you can grab the game now to claim your starter pack. There’s only one way to save those birds so get to blasting!

If you haven’t pre-registered, you’re in luck. We’re extending the starter pack availability period! For a limited time, when you download Angry Birds Blast, you’ll be awarded with the same starter pack of 250 gold coins (worth $9.99) just for opening the game. That’s plenty to get you started. Putting the game down? That’s a bit trickier…

Angry Birds Blast out Now! Claim your free gift!

First things first! Get started by downloading Angry Birds Blast here!


  • SplittingWood82

    how about some more slingshot action for the next game? just with some ABMovie stuff and hatchlings… Like angry birds 2 but with more birds and a daily prize egg!
    I even got a plot! The flock got captured exept for red and chuck just that chuck ran away. the eggs also (of course) got captured and taken away to king pigs castle.
    After the entire game is complete the player can adjust their league and head in the PIG TOURNAMENT or go do the daily challenge they can also watch cutscenes at the theater! That’s all!