A look at the new AngryBirds.com


How are you all finding the new site? Settled in okay? We like it, but please excuse the mess while we get settled in!

Robin here (yes I am named after a bird), and today I want to give you the official tour of the new AngryBirds.com site.

See that bar at the top? (If you’re on mobile, just give the top-right corner a tap). That’s the main navigation and where you can find the latest on all things Angry Birds…



This is where you’ll find all the latest and greatest Angry Birds news, including latest blog posts, game updates and more. Be sure to check back each day!


All of our Angry Birds games are here in one place, including info on the latest updates (psssst, check out the new “Blossom River” episode for Angry Birds Rio), as well as screenshots, art, videos and that all-important link to the relevant app stores.


All of our favorite animations and Angry Birds Toons episodes are here.

My favorite? That has to be the hilarious feature we created for Angry Birds Star Wars called Boba’s Delivery. Check it out!


We have a bunch of e-books currently available to preview, including the awesome National Geographic series of Angry Birds books that add some fascinating facts to the fun!


We’ve spent the past few years really focusing on bringing our characters to life and this section is a tribute to that.

What makes Bomb tick? Why does Terence never speak? And, hey, Moustache Pig – what’s the secret to keeping that lovely moustache in such good condition?

All of these questions and more will be answered here.


Ah, my favorite section.

This is currently home to the Angry Birds Blog! Oh, and your fantastic fan art!

Yes, if you didn’t notice, you can upload your greatest artistic creations to our site. This is a big deal for us, as we regularly see amazing #AngryBirdsArt out in the wild and it’s an honor to give you guys the tools to share it on our site, directly with us.


I hope you enjoyed the quick tour of the new site. This really is just the beginning and your feedback matters, so please do comment below!