Bridging the digital world with the physical world, Rovio is excited to bring Angry Birds to life around the globe. From parks and attractions, to activity parks and public play parks, there are a number of amazing ways to interact with our iconic characters. Dynamic experiences, active play, fun learning, and unique merchandise and dining are all a part of our goal to bring families together to create special experiences and lasting memories for our fans.



Parks and Attractions

Särkänniemi, Thorpe Park and Lightwater Valley parks offer fans another great Angry Birds experience on a larger scale. Climb, slide, jump and journey through Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space themed adventure courses. Take flight on the Red Bird ride or stop by an Angry Birds shop.

Angry Birds Activity Parks

At our Angry Birds Activity Parks, the whole family can experience the fun and excitement of racing to the finish line in pedal cars, climbing to the top of pig-built structures and leaping from tall heights. Whether you’re knocking down pigs, playing in the game lounge, or dodging lasers on your quest to claim the golden eggsteroid, you’re sure to find fun around every corner. And who knows, you might even meet an Angry Bird or Bad Piggy in person!

Angry Birds Play Parks

Free and open to the public, our Angry Birds Play Parks encourage everyone to get out there and be active! Find hidden golden eggs, challenge your friends to a game of football, or hop aboard a piggy pirate ship! These are just some of the many adventures waiting for you.

Much more to come!

And incredibly, all of this has come to life since the summer of 2012! This is just the beginning, so be on the lookout for more exciting locations and amazing fan experiences…


If you’d like to know more about business opportunities at Angry Birds attractions around the world then please contact us.

Parks and Attractions

Angry Birds Land- Särkänniemi Adventure Park, Finland

Angry Birds Land- Lightwater Valley Park, United Kingdom

Angry Birds Land, Thorpe Park, UK

Activity Parks

Holiday Club Kuusamo
Holiday Club Saariselkä
Holiday Club Saimaa

Johor Bahru

St. Petersburg

Holiday Club Canarias

Haining City

Public Play Parks

Pori- Yyteri
Pori- Central Market Place
Kauhajoki- Central Market Place
Pori- Kirjurinluoto
Espoo- Suurpelto
Rovaniemi- Konttisen
Espoo- Oittaa

Vnukovo Mall

Tongi University

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